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Capt. John Hart
20 August
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I bid a warm welcome to you all!

Who am I? Well, I go by many names...most of them curse words, but the one I'm using at present is Capt. John Hart.

Previously, I travelled the galaxy, visiting exotic places, ripping off exotic corporations and shagging exotic aliens.

Now, I'm here in the 21st Century, a tourist you might say...so if you know of any sights that can't be missed, let me know!

So far I've experienced:

*Cardiff (oh yay - note the sarcasm)
*Crossing the Irish sea on the Isle of Inishmore
*The Nexus!
*Hanging out in Cork
*The Tipperary Sign
*The Guinness Factory in Dublin
*The Number 8 Bus!
*Kissing the Blarney Stone
*Travelling by airplane and the associated airport experience
*Going to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona
*Carnival in Sitges!
*Paintball fight!
*A trip to an alternate London full of all sorts of weird things - vampires, faires et al!
*Even shittier airplane ride
*Making Schwarzwaldkirschtoerte - so yuuuuuuum!
*Gondolas! Which are cool!
*Train trip to Pisa...won't say anything more...not like I saw lots of fine Italians to use for wank purposes later.
*Stupid, stupid Nexus LOL.
*Pillow Fight!
*The Leaning Tower of Pisa! You're allowed to go inside it too! It's like being drunk without the fun of getting there...
*Visiting an authetic small Italian village, very niiice!
*Best Party ever at Casa Kage et Cassie!
* Acqueducts!
* Visit to a vineyard (free samples, yay!)
* Arc de Triumph
* Train trip to Monte Carlo
* The Casino at said place.
* The Exotic Gardens and the Caves with Cassie!
* Real friendship! (Goddesses...my credibility!)
* Card Party! Heaps of fun despite lack of removal of any clothing! (My credibility again!)
* Palace at Knosso
* J's place (and by extension his planet...sort of...)
* Going to the Zoo with Minxy!
* Snoooow!
* Mozart's House
* Lego LOL! Which was not fun.
* LOL that turned me into a poodle, which was fun!
* Really, really freaky shit (and I say this as a man who's seen some freaky shit)
* A dinner invitation from Kairos (she's niiice!)
* Hanging out with J and his fabulous Karaoke machine, Larabill (name mine)
* And one from her sister, Kalyca too! (Always good to know you're welcome!)
* Diving on reefs - the fish are beautiful...there I admit it!
* Holy shit - Go-Karts! WOO-HOO!
* Overnight bus trip...nothing to see in the window but my own reflection, which really isn't so bad ;O)
* Pyramid Party! Thanks ever so for coming!
* Propogating my genes! O.o
* Floating on the Red Sea (Highly recommended!)
* Visit to Athens Acropolis with Joan and a Goddess!
* Falling off a bicycle in Holland
* Windmills, whee! Sexy!
* A week without a shag (oh the horror!)
* A dinner with two alternates! My one and Amaya's one!
* Kai's Fan-tab-ulous Dinner Party!
* Fun in a Windmill! ;O)
* Flour!Cassie!
* Really cool outdoor Art Exhibition in Århus
* Unbelievable undergound train stations in Russia - seriously, you've got to see these things.
* Victor's 21st Birthday, I got her the best gift if I do say so myself.
* The making of cake with Flour!Cassie (after stupidest argument ever)
* Teaching Mini!Jack how to shoot!
* Collecting Giant Chess pieces!
* Teaching Amaya to fire a gun, heh heh...
* Keeping tabs on Kal's Bakery
* Getting jailed on some crappy planet in the 51st century
* Seeing Joan and Amaya kick arse to rescue me!
* Some...unpleasantness and embarrassment re: Kal's Bakery
* Military Museum in St. Petersburg
* Eye Candys' birthday - well one of them got a Kuma Satra coffee cup
* MY BIRTHDAY! Complete with Karaoke fun!
* Alina's first bath, complete with bubble fun!
* Poodle Russian dolls
* Talking an airline company into giving me a refund for something I messed up (I understand this is a rare occurance indeed...)
* Tried to break the communication barrier, but failed with a Russian taxi driver.
* Release of Karaoke album
* Changing Alina's nappy (Could have lived a full life never having to do that...)
* Alina's first outing!
* Broken plumbing, whoops
* Sarah's cookout - yum
* Baikal Lake in Siberia - with seals!
* Reissue of said Karaoke Album due to spelling error
* LJ for Alina a_little_hart
* Weird shit going on due to Emmy's dad (what's with him?)
* Getting acquainted with my car (by which I mean looking under the hood at the engine)
* Amaya's dad showing up and reading my mind! O.o
* Getting mind-proofed by J
* Meeting Eye Candy!Plus 2 - an Eye Candy look alike from the 31st century!
* First outing with Amaya and Alina and more bubble fun!
* Killing of Amaya's crazy ex (what a nut)
* Travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway!
* Krasnoyarsk Zoo!
* Finding an older part of the Nexus...strange old place
* Joining an interesting place called just_sayit
* Unpleasantness
* Fun in Istanbul with Will the Elder! - light_devine
* A 'Just-left-the-Time-Agency' Jax!
* Finding a place to live!
* Housewarming!
* Sexy good times with Alisa and her Jack.
* Uzbekistan! And traveling with Alisa's Jack and Owen to this Mosque and a Bazaar.
* Karaoke and good times with Alisa's Torchwood crew at 21st Century Jack's club!
* Kid!LOL
* Big ol' bar fight!
* Another ME! cptjohnhart
* My FIRST Christmas! Complete with gifts!
* The premiere of The Captain Hart Experience at the Hub Nightclub

The Hart genes are proprogated! Tremble mere mortals! ;O)

Fandom: Torchwood