Do I Mean Fun, or Do I Mean Carnage?

I Get them Confused...

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I don't keep up with this thing like I used to, which is a damn shame, since I'm sure you all wait on tenterhooks wondering when you're going to see me next.

Or maybe not.

But! I've moved on from Texas, I'm in this place called New Mexico, seeing as I haven't spent much time in the other Mexico I really can't say what's new about it. Still! It's all about the travelling isn't it? I wonder if Jack's still monitering me, sometimes I feel like blowing something up just to see. Obviously nothing that would kill a whole bunch of people (I'm definitely going soft).

But it's an Alina week, which gives me time to update this thing, which is why I'm here.

Also to post this up!

Your Best Trait is Friendliness

You enjoy the company of others, whether you're at work or at play.

You believe that almost everyone has something to contribute to this world, and you treat people with courtesy and respect.

You're a natural extrovert, and you have a dazzling charm that is not easily forgotten. You are good at building rapport.

You're the type of person who can meet a stranger and feel like you've bee friends for years after a few minutes.

Friendly that's me!

Who wants a drink?


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