Do I Mean Fun, or Do I Mean Carnage?

I Get them Confused...

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Captain, Oh My Captain!
Fun with Guns
Hello pretty people! I'm sure you've all been wondering what I've been up too. Well I've been taking in Texas and its many variety of hats and guns. They love their guns in this state, rther primative ones, but still, it all started somewhere! Today I shoot a 12 guage shotgun, it was niiiice.

Today's quiz is from the vault of duh!

You Are 80% Hyper

You have an energy unlike any other. You're full of pep.

People wonder how you are able to get so much done. You love to keep busy.

It's likely that you're very physically active as well. You have a lot of physical endurance.

You are also quite outgoing. You're quick to start up a conversation and make friends.

You have the drive, confidence, and motivation to take you far in life.

While you may tire some people out, someone else is always looking to feed off your energy.

Physical endurance, heh heh heh... You bet!

Hmmm, must get back to the Nexus, I feel like I've missed a lot.



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