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Nice Day for A Multicoloured Wedding!
Have just got home from Victor (the arty one)'s wedding!

Alina is completely worn out and fast asleep, I'm pretty sure that she'll still be waking up at the crack of dawn. I really should do something about that...getting up the early? It's shameful I tell you!

Oodles and Puff were also in attendence, they cut fine figures with their bow ties! And yes there might have been some...incidents with a chair leg, but what can you do?

Anywho! The wedding was full of old faces and new ones and all that jazz. I'm not sure if my gift went over that well, but it wasn't the most inappropriate thing ever, I mean, it wasn't a bomb or a box of sex toys - or what passes for them in this century.

Speaking of the's quiz!

You Are Unique

You are both vulnerable and emotionally strong. You understand that vulnerability doesn't make you weak.

You are romantic. You have a sentimental side to you, and you believe in true love.

You have a lot to be happy about. You are thankful for the life you've been given.

You believe that the most important thing is to be true to yourself. Only you know your heart's real desires.

Heh heh heh, 'rooted'.

Vulnerable though? Me?! Pft.

Still I like the unique thing...always makes you feel special and important.

Anyway! Off I I can face the morning...


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