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I'm Still Alive!
Hey! This is SRS Business
I promise! I'm sure you've all been wondering where I've been, well aside from looking after Alina I've been continuing my travels.

Well actually, I was a bit caught out the other week by tornadoes. Bloody things took over the place and there wasn't a flight to be had, they also mess with the wrist strap even more so I couldn't go back to the flat until they'd passed.

I've never seen a tornado up close before, I mean back at the Agency we went past a planet that was pretty much nothing but tornadoes but we didn't land on it, because we're not stupid.

So I'm back here with Alina this week and am generally unruffled.

I need to go and find J, see if he mentioned to this mysterious new boss of his about me! Not that my escorting career hasn't been going well (let's face it, I'm the hottest ticket in town! ;O) but whatever's going on with J intrigues me!

I have heard from Joan, it's been quite a while! She finds it terribly amusing that now I'm the one getting caught up in natural disasters, when before it was her. Hmpf, one would think you'd be nicer to yourself wouldn't you?

Oh and there's Victor's Wedding of course! I need to get a present for that.

Hmmm....something kitschy will be best, fortunately no matter where you are in the US kitsch seems to be the word.

Ah, I love it.

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Oh and there's Victor's Wedding of course!

You know, it took me two minutes of staring at that and wondering if you'd gotten your time periods mixed up perhaps before I realized that you probably know another Victor. *very embarrassed*


Yes, there's Victor the Arty one and Victor the Nervous one.

But hey I hear there's nothing so much fun as a wedding. I'll let you know if that's so after I go to this one.

I think I can tell which one's my Victor. ;)

Give all my best to the other Victor.

I couldn't say if there's anything as fun as a wedding. I know for a fact wedding rehearsals aren't much fun. But I do wish you all the best (and the Arty Victor as well).

(And, ah, don't worry Alice, I was taken by surprise when I first read it too.)

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