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Lunch With A Goddess! *Wrist Strap Recording*
Alina and Me! (Tot)
With special permission from Amaya, John has got Alina for a few hours a day to enjoy lunch with Emmy. It's been waaaay too long since he saw his favourite Goddess so he's practically skipping up the pathway to her large mansion, Puff and Oodles in tow.

"Ahooooy! The party has arrived!"

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So, Emmy is outside herself, nearly seven month old Emilie perched on her hip. "Hello John!" she calls happily. Emilie seems to say hello herself, waving her chubby little hands and cooing.

"And hello, Alina!"

"Hiiiii!" Alina goes right up to Emmy and hugs her around the legs, she remembers you.

She then looks up at Emilie curiously. "Baby?"

Emilie seems to beam and almost reach for the little girl. Emilie's got bright red hair and blue, blue eyes. It's hard to believe her ancestry has BAMFS in it to be honest.

"Yes! This is Emilie, my little girl. She's almost two years younger than you, sweetie."

Well, that might be to her advantage, it's always the one's you least suspect right?

"She's got your hair, niiiice." John gives Emilie a cheerful wave, although generally Alina's the only child he gets on really well with.

"Emmeleeeee," Alina sounds the name out, obviously she likes it.

Emmy thinks John doesn't give himself nearly as much credit as he should. Aside from some parenting blunders, he's done a fine job raising Alina.

"Yep. And her grandfather's eye color." Hers are green, and Tal's are this gorgeous brown. "I think she's going to have their personality, too.."

Emilie seems to respond to her name with a happy little "ee!"

It would be pretty much the only time John has underestimated himself ever! It's probably good for his sense of self.

"Your father's personality?" Have a raised eyebrow. "Isn't he a"

"You're being too kind, John. He's crazy as a skunk, and twice as mean. But I was referring to their abilities. Chaos, in case of me and my father."

John gives a laugh.

"Oh well, at least you said it first. Because you could say that. He made me feel sane...and it was an odd feeling let me tell you."

In the meantime, Puff has started sniffling about looking up at Emilie curiosuly.

"I bet!"

Emilie is too busy looking at Alina to really pay attention to Puff.. until... "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she cries.
Emmy jumps a mile. "No, honey, that's Puff!"

Emmy kneels so Emilie can see the dog better. "We don't have any dogs - Tal does, but keeps Torrin back in the Valley. Gloria, or Ree, is our pet Penguin."

"Puff!" Alina confirms with a nod, hugging the dog in question tight.

"You have a penguin?" John's intrigued! "Can I see it?"

"Yep. Her name is Gloria, and she's from the Nexus. She's inside napping, but if you want to.."

"Ooo, can I? Can I?" He's like a little kid, hopping from one foot to the other.

And then remembers his manners. "Ahem, if that's all right, I mean."

Emilie stares at him for a moment, almost like she's trying to memorize his movements for later.

When she knows how to walk, for example.

Emmy grins. "Sure. I need to get the lemonade anyway. Follow me." And inside they go. Emmy's house is huge, but Gloria's room is off the kitchen - a small closet that was previously used for a pantry. Gloria is sleeping peacefully on a ridiculously fluffy blanket, and next to her bed is a couple of toys and food and water. Everything is incredibly clean. (Gloria's house trained - no pooping on her bed, thank you very much!)

"She's got a salt water pool in the back yard, and of course there's the river.." Gloria doesn't need to stay in cold temperatures, but she really, really loves to swim!"

When Gloria hears Emmy's voice, she opens her eyes and waddles to a standing position, looking at them curiously.

"Reee!" Emilie says happily.

"Oooo! Nice!" John gives the penguine a rather cheerful wave. He might even say sexy! But he's got self-control...

"Lem'ade!" Alina skips behind them.

At the sight of the penguin she's giggles, Puff meanwhile seems rather afraid of the strange looking creature.

Re: Of course not! ;O)

John calling any animal 'sexy' would definitely get a raised eyebrow from Emmy, especially one that's, you know, looking all the world like a penguin chick.

But that's John for you, at least.

When Alina says 'lem'ade', Emilie cheers too, in her little way. Which means there's a happy sounding little shout and lots of arm waving.

Well poodles are sexy, look at the fluffiness!

"I brought some hypervodka!" John produces a small bottle from his coat pocket. "Toddy anyone?"

Re: Of course not! ;O)

"No thank you, dear. I've lemonade!" Emmy says jovially.

((Sorry! Internet problems.))

That's OK, hope your internet's fine now.

"Lem'ade!" Alina loves lemonade.

"Ah well, more for me then, hmmm?" He tucks the bottle away again.

"So! How's Calum? Is he still around?"

Yes! In working order! :D

"Mmmhmm! He's out of the country at the moment, but he's still in my employ." And in her bed, but that's not polite tea party talk. "How 'bout you? Anyone special in your life right now?"

And then I disappear! Stupid Uni Assignment

"Oh you know me," John chuckles. "J's back! We must have a karaoke night."

He pouts a bit. "Jack remains elusive however."

Re: And then I disappear! Stupid Uni Assignment

"I rather like that man. Though he's ..awfully unique." Pause. "Both of them, actually."

"J? Oh he's brilliant! Gotta love that sense of style." And John does, very much!

"And Jack is Jack...can't go past that."

Alina comes over to dug on her father's jeans. "Food?"

Emmy smiles. "Hungry, Alina? What about you, John?"

"Hun'ry!" Alina nods excitedly.

John picks her up and smiles. "For your food? Always!":

And here's when I forget what I'd had planned for their picnic!

"Then let's go back outside? There's plenty to eat!"

And when they get back to the garden, it's delightful. There's a hum of magic in the air. Budding trees are subtly twinkling with faerie lights, and flowers of all sorts - from roses to peonies to orchids - are blooming, even if they're not supposed to be in season yet. And they've got a bit of sparkle to them, as well.

In the center of the garden is a white antique-style table laden with a fresh pitcher of lemonade, glasses, and ice that won't melt. Emmy's managed to keep the lemonade from sparkling this time. Tiny chicken salad sandwiches, crust free, are piled high on pastel-hued plates. There's bowls of potato salad, magically kept chilled at just the right temperature, as well as perfectly seasoned, perfectly fried chicken. Over to the side there's a dessert table filled with cupcakes and pie and fruit: strawberries, blue apples her old friend Genesis had given her, pears, peaches, and kiwis.

Alina will quickly toddle off (she's got quite good at running!) and squeal a bit at the sight of all the delicious food!

John is equally impressed. "You've outdone yourself, Emmy, even for a Goddess," he grins.

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