Do I Mean Fun, or Do I Mean Carnage?

I Get them Confused...

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Double Entendres!
Yes indeed!

Today's quiz result that is, please observe, how many of those delightfuly word plays can you find?

You Are a Magazine

You are flexible, laid back, and open to the world. You are a total novelty seeker, and you always appreciate new eye candy.

You are a natural daydreamer. If you had your way, you would live several lives at once.

You are very smart - but in more of a "street smart" than "book smart" sort of way.

Your mind just operates on a totally different plane. You are able to take in a lot more information than most people.

Well, OK there's probably three and they're all in the first sentence, but it's the thought that counts.

Plus, it mentions Eye Candy! Hee! I should go hunt up some Eye Candys, I know they're around.

But in the meantime, it's all about Alina and also cleaning the floor, it's too much even for Puff I'm afraid.

Speaking of whom, I should take him out before I have even more of a mess to clean up.



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