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Aliiiina's back
And apparently her latest 'step' in life is feeding herself, or rather trying to feed herself. To be honest I haven't seen table manners as bad as that since the amorphous blob at the Agency got high and tried to eat 'humanoid style'. Food everywhere!

But hey, she's enjoying herself, so why not? The kitchen floor's made of slate anyway, and Puff seems to think this is the best thing ever!

Today's quiz was too hilarious to pass up!

Your Toilet Personality is Efficient

When you go to the bathroom, you're all business. You aren't fussy - you're just looking to get the job done.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to wait until you really have to go. No need for things to take any longer than they should.

In general, you are a very productive and task oriented person. You're all about getting things done.

You don't have a lot of patience for mindless tasks. You're just looking to get them over with quickly.

Ha ha...I like!

Although I'm not sure how productive and tast-orientated I am, it's more slapdash you know, but I like to get boring cfrap over and done with quickly, who doesn't!

Right, Puff's obviously eaten a lot because he's going at my boots now, so I best be off, plus sleep is needed!



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