Do I Mean Fun, or Do I Mean Carnage?

I Get them Confused...

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Like Any Good Bar I'm Always Open...
And the quiz today agrees with this assessment of my personality. Behold!

You Are a Window

You are a truly extroverted person. Your life feels empty without lots of people in it.

Being around others makes you feel joyful. Friends and family bring meaning to your life.

And even if you're all alone, you prefer to be people watching out in public.

You are a cheerful and eager participant in the world. You are full of delight and wonder.

Niiice. Go me.

Today Alina and I did something arty, which basically involved getting water colours, everywere. One of Puff's legs is now purple, I think it's a rather sexy look. It's not like it's permananet anyway.

I'm missing Jack (I'm man enough to admit it), so this week I'm gonna track him down, one of him...or many of hims, either way.

Or if I'm lucky a whole bunch of Jacks!



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