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I Think I Might Have Left Victor in the Lurch...
Very Serious
I was in the Nexus today just befor heading out to pick up Alina when I ran into who I thought was Victor.

Turns wasn't. Or rather it was, but he had a his body I mean. I've heard of aliens that can do that shit, but I don't remember how to stop them, or at least how to stop them without killing the host.

And now I hae Alin with me and I can't exactly leave her. So I'm just giving Doc and the rest of them a heads up. I'm gonna track down Jack and see if he's got any idea on this one.

And another thing...whoever's taken over Victor's body had tentacles... So you might want to watch out for that. Seriously...

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Did whatever it was give you a name? *Alice may be preparing to kick some ass*

Some arse who calls himself the King of Hearts.

Personally I didn't see it, he wasn't the least bit sexy at all.

The King of

But he's


Excuse me, I need to go talk to someone. . . .

Do you know that guy? Because seriously, what a shit.

Good luck!

He's the Queen's husband. And he's supposed to be dead. Certainly not --

Thank you, I -- I think I'll need it.

I hope he's OK!

You should come over sometime soon. I miss you and Alina!

Me too! He's a funny little fellow, but I like him.

And KAAAIIII! I should! I've missed you too! What have you been doing with yourself?

Being busy, I guess. Not much, really! Just spending time with the dog and Connor, and going to the work and the way.. kinda boring stuff, really. But it's nice!

Ooo, how's your dog? I'll make sure to bring Puff, so they can hang out (and Oodles too for that matter).

When should we meet up? Let me know!

Regina's fine. I don't have anything super planned with Connor in the next few days, so .. any time then?

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