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From angelbuffy - With Sexy Results...

Simple Instructions: Pick out the first ten words you see!

Here's mine:


Apparently it reveals your state of mind and mine's pretty normal...for me I mean. So share and share alike I say!

Tomorrow I get Alina...and sigh, I have to go back to Sanctuary where it's still snowing...fuck...I don't need that...

Well...hey maybe I can go skiing or something...not sure what I can do with Alina though...can you put toddlers on your back when you go skiing? Advice please.

But for now the nightlife and sexy good times call!


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"John? I realize this is last minute, but do you have a moment?"

Hey, Hanan! What's up?

"Not too much, I must admit. What time were you considering picking up Alina?"

The normal time, 4pm, about four hours from now.

Why do you ask? Is Alina all right?

"Alina is fine, of course," Hanan says reassuringly. "But I was going to take Amaya out on a Christmas shopping date. Could you make sure you're on time?"

Sure! I'll set my alarms and everything!

How have you been by the way, I hardly ever see you! Are all my doors and door frames and whatever the Hell I made still holding up?

"Perfectly lovely, thank you. You did a good job. I appreciate your being on time."

Why thank you!

I'll see you at ten to four then!

By the way...can you take toddlers skiing?

Excuse him, John. "WHAT?!"

[John moves back, although since he's speaking through his wrist strap it's kind of impossible to get away.]

"I'll take that as a 'no' then?"

"Yes," he says through clenched teeth. "Skiing is not a good idea for young children that do not have their fine motor skills under control yet."

"Well I meant on my BACK, really Hanan, do you think I'm an idiot?"

[John seriously believes're not going to reach through the wrists trap and strangle him, are you Hanan?]

For a moment he seriously considers doing just that. He thinks he can, being non corporal most of the time.

"My friend, do you really want that answer right now, when you are suggesting less than genius activities for a little girl who is not even two years old yet?"

"I thought so..." [Sigh!] "It's more...well...this weather is ridiculous! It's bloody freezing! And I've been in Aruba all's been fabulous."

"I am familiar with French weather. Perhaps you could look into moving into the Nexus? I hear they have very affordable apartments. But until then, you may make snow angels and snowmen, but no skiing with our daughter."

"Ooo, I could! Does that mean I'm allowed to bring Alina there? I know Amaya's worried about how the whole rift thing might affect her."

[Brightens.] "Snowmen...mmm...niiiice."

He tries very hard not to roll his eyes. "You could actually use the doors back and forth, and use the rift only in an emergency."


[Well, John feels suitably stupid. The doors!]

"You're right, I am an idiot..."

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He shrugs, though John couldn't see it. "Now you know."

[Rubs hands together.] "This is brilliant! I'm going to have to get you the most fabulous Christmas present now. Thank you!"

His tone is dry. "You don't have to, but it is appreciated."

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