Do I Mean Fun, or Do I Mean Carnage?

I Get them Confused...

What I'm Here For!

Hey! This is SRS Business
Hello all! I'm still alive! :OD

It's just been rather ridiculous lately with this 'Miracle' thing, honestly 21st people just can't control themselves. I've seen weirder shit than this in my life. They're talking about the entire globe going into recession and closing all the airports down!

I'm disappointed in you, 21st century, sincerely disappointed. How exactly am I supposed to continue my travels?

And then there's some sort of Category thing going on, because apparently for a 'Miracle' granting eternal life it's doing a completely shit job of it. But yes, apparently we're all supposed to get a visit from officials and be 'ranked'. I've decided not to hang around for that. And I'm rather relieved Alina's not here either, because I wouldn't want these 'officials' judging her, I mean, really, how rude.

So yes, I've been here looking for Jack, but I haven't had any luck at that at all, so I've decided to hide in the Nexus for a bit. Because in all honesty? Right now that place has far more to recommend it then here.

That Jack, He Gets Around...
Yes indeed!

I was just hanging around when I heard someone just oh-so casually mentioning the Bikini Cops! Small world, small world indeed.

Although, that's not hardly the strangest thing that's going on. There's talk all over the news about people miraculously surviving all sorts of accidents and whatnot. I've yet to see any myself, but someone survived a lethal injection (not an electric chair? How uncreative...) among other things.

Things are definitely starting to get interesting let me tell you!

And bring on this quiz here:

You See Love As Sweet

You are a ton of fun, and you love to bond with others. You make instant friends with people.

Whenever you are single, you are very ready to love. You have an open heart.

You are an easy person to be with and an easy person to love. You are a joy to be around.

If you have good food, good company, and good weather, then there's not much more you can ask for.

Ha, ha, I'm fabulous! Yes indeed!

Thank you and good night.

May You Live In Interesting Times...
I heard that's apparently some sort of ancient Chinese curse or some such, I don't believe it for a minute, could there be anything more boring than living in uninteresting times? It's probably some sort of 21st century thing.

Anyway! I've moved north to California, ah, California where the action is so they say...I suppose it is for the 21st century-ian that can't go to the Lotus Nebula but it's not actually all that bad. I haven't seen so many diamonds in years! Good times...very tempting...

I wandered into the Nexus the other day! Been a while since I managed to get there...ran into that Clark chap, of Superman fame. He seemed to be having trouble with an evil twin, oh that Nexus. I think I gave him some good advice and a nice bottle of hypervodka!

And before I head off this fun quiz, providing possible aliases for con-men at a click of mouse!

Your Androgynous Name Is: Hunter Ivy

Guy or girl? Who knows? Who cares?

Don't know how androynous that is...but there you go.

And today was Alina's birthday! Two years old. We went to the park, there were balloons, those ducks stayed away. Good times, good times.

Fear Not, Gentle Friends...
I live, I live!

I just happen to have been running into Jack a lot lately. :OD And really, what could be better?

He seems to be a younger Jack...first time I saw him he tricked me in killing him! How rude! It's a bit difficult staying on the wagon when the person you're doing it for is going to trick you like that. He wasn't even entirely sure it wouldn't kill him! Very irresponsible.

I saw him again just now, wondering about me. At least I think it was me. Really, who else could he be talking about?

Anywho! How are all you?

And just to prove that this is me, and not some imposter, a quiz!

You Are Grounded

You take time to savor every moment. You believe that life is about the simple things.

You are always keenly aware of your environment. You notice every sight, sound, and smell.

You are detail oriented and dislike dealing with theory or abstract thought.

You try not to make things overly complicated. You find yourself returning to old favorites time and time again.

Hmmm...well those last two paragraphs are strangely accurate, but no-one would call me grounded in a million years! And that glass better be full of liquor.

That is all.

I don't keep up with this thing like I used to, which is a damn shame, since I'm sure you all wait on tenterhooks wondering when you're going to see me next.

Or maybe not.

But! I've moved on from Texas, I'm in this place called New Mexico, seeing as I haven't spent much time in the other Mexico I really can't say what's new about it. Still! It's all about the travelling isn't it? I wonder if Jack's still monitering me, sometimes I feel like blowing something up just to see. Obviously nothing that would kill a whole bunch of people (I'm definitely going soft).

But it's an Alina week, which gives me time to update this thing, which is why I'm here.

Also to post this up!

Your Best Trait is Friendliness

You enjoy the company of others, whether you're at work or at play.

You believe that almost everyone has something to contribute to this world, and you treat people with courtesy and respect.

You're a natural extrovert, and you have a dazzling charm that is not easily forgotten. You are good at building rapport.

You're the type of person who can meet a stranger and feel like you've bee friends for years after a few minutes.

Friendly that's me!

Who wants a drink?

Captain, Oh My Captain!
Fun with Guns
Hello pretty people! I'm sure you've all been wondering what I've been up too. Well I've been taking in Texas and its many variety of hats and guns. They love their guns in this state, rther primative ones, but still, it all started somewhere! Today I shoot a 12 guage shotgun, it was niiiice.

Today's quiz is from the vault of duh!

You Are 80% Hyper

You have an energy unlike any other. You're full of pep.

People wonder how you are able to get so much done. You love to keep busy.

It's likely that you're very physically active as well. You have a lot of physical endurance.

You are also quite outgoing. You're quick to start up a conversation and make friends.

You have the drive, confidence, and motivation to take you far in life.

While you may tire some people out, someone else is always looking to feed off your energy.

Physical endurance, heh heh heh... You bet!

Hmmm, must get back to the Nexus, I feel like I've missed a lot.


Nice Day for A Multicoloured Wedding!
Have just got home from Victor (the arty one)'s wedding!

Alina is completely worn out and fast asleep, I'm pretty sure that she'll still be waking up at the crack of dawn. I really should do something about that...getting up the early? It's shameful I tell you!

Oodles and Puff were also in attendence, they cut fine figures with their bow ties! And yes there might have been some...incidents with a chair leg, but what can you do?

Anywho! The wedding was full of old faces and new ones and all that jazz. I'm not sure if my gift went over that well, but it wasn't the most inappropriate thing ever, I mean, it wasn't a bomb or a box of sex toys - or what passes for them in this century.

Speaking of the's quiz!

You Are Unique

You are both vulnerable and emotionally strong. You understand that vulnerability doesn't make you weak.

You are romantic. You have a sentimental side to you, and you believe in true love.

You have a lot to be happy about. You are thankful for the life you've been given.

You believe that the most important thing is to be true to yourself. Only you know your heart's real desires.

Heh heh heh, 'rooted'.

Vulnerable though? Me?! Pft.

Still I like the unique thing...always makes you feel special and important.

Anyway! Off I I can face the morning...

I'm Still Alive!
Hey! This is SRS Business
I promise! I'm sure you've all been wondering where I've been, well aside from looking after Alina I've been continuing my travels.

Well actually, I was a bit caught out the other week by tornadoes. Bloody things took over the place and there wasn't a flight to be had, they also mess with the wrist strap even more so I couldn't go back to the flat until they'd passed.

I've never seen a tornado up close before, I mean back at the Agency we went past a planet that was pretty much nothing but tornadoes but we didn't land on it, because we're not stupid.

So I'm back here with Alina this week and am generally unruffled.

I need to go and find J, see if he mentioned to this mysterious new boss of his about me! Not that my escorting career hasn't been going well (let's face it, I'm the hottest ticket in town! ;O) but whatever's going on with J intrigues me!

I have heard from Joan, it's been quite a while! She finds it terribly amusing that now I'm the one getting caught up in natural disasters, when before it was her. Hmpf, one would think you'd be nicer to yourself wouldn't you?

Oh and there's Victor's Wedding of course! I need to get a present for that.

Hmmm....something kitschy will be best, fortunately no matter where you are in the US kitsch seems to be the word.

Ah, I love it.

I'm A Winner!
So! I was in the Nexus for Easter and joined in an egg hunt.

And for my good work I got a set of karaoke CDs! This definitely calls for a party! Now that I've met up with J again there needs to be a celebration.

I was going to take a quiz about my favourite dog breed and what it says about me, but if you can believe, poodle wasn't an option! To Hell with that! I'm insulted, who doesn't love puffy poodles.

Let it be said then that those who love poodles are of course, the most brilliant people there is and of course sexy as Hell.

I thank you.

Lunch With A Goddess! *Wrist Strap Recording*
Alina and Me! (Tot)
With special permission from Amaya, John has got Alina for a few hours a day to enjoy lunch with Emmy. It's been waaaay too long since he saw his favourite Goddess so he's practically skipping up the pathway to her large mansion, Puff and Oodles in tow.

"Ahooooy! The party has arrived!"

They Call it Country Music...
Don't ask me why, but the entire place is dedicated to it! It's not a bad little town, goes by the name Nashville, I'm looking for a souvineer to bring home to Alina. I get the feeling it's going to be guitar related. The entire place is just full of the things.

And bars! Great bars! But the music is somewhat lacking, you synthesisers! How can you dance adequately with no synthesisers? Should be a crime.

Anywho! Today's quiz is brought to you by the phrase: 'Duuuuh!'

You Are Leather

You are the life of the party, and you love getting people together. You are always the center of attention.

You are an experience junkie. No matter what it is, you've either tried it or seriously considered it!

You are a rule breaker to the extreme. You get a thrill from pushing boundaries and breaking taboos.

You may be a wild child, but you're also very emotionally stable. You know what you want out of life.

Ha ha, that last bit made me laugh though...don't I wish! :OP I'm still wondering why Jack's wholly in love with this planet. I mean, it's fun, but it's not the funnest place in the whole universe if we're going to be honest about it.

I do like all the neon lights though. Niiice.

It's Tuesday! Do You Know Where You Are?
Nope! I jumped on a bus this morning and just ended up here...I'm not entirely sure where here is, it's rather a dark I'll have to check into it.

But this is the way to travel if you ask me!

Today's quiz even linked into it!

You Are a Hybrid Car

You're the type of person who likes to pay it forward. When you're kind to people, you mean it.

You are peace-seeking and even a bit of a hippie deep down. You want to make the world a better place.

You like to help and support others. You're always willing to do a favor for a friend.

You are predictable, stable, and consistent. You try to tread lightly and leave each place a little better than you found it.

The result is pretty off. Tread lightly and leave each place a little better? Maybe if I don't blow it up or otherwise break the law while there. So very optimistic quiz writer.

Anywho, I'm sure this place will still be standing tomorrow, but in the meantime I might go looking for a club. Here's hoping for karaoke!

Hmmm Where to Next
Back to the old world tour, I want to go somewhere out of the way, unusual! Where I can get a real appreciation of the weirdness inherit in this century. Because I know there's some.

Besides according to today's quiz my crazy lips need something interesting!

You Are Wild and Wicked

You are a cunning and charming person. You can talk your way into - and out of - any situation you desire.

You are eloquent and engaging. You are well known for having a way with words.

You are curious about the world, and you have a true sense of adventure. You're very inquisitive.

You're enough of a devil to get yourself in trouble. You're friendly and amicable enough to get yourself out of a jam.

Dammn that really sums me up! In fact this test really should have been used at the Agency it would have been far better than the whle socipathic,narcisstic whatever the accused me of having.

It's not narcissm if you really ARE that sexy thank yu!

Never Fear I'm Still Here!
Here's The Thing...
And I bring an amusing quiz, once again brought to us all by the word 'DUH!'

You Are Unforgettable

When people meet you, they tend to remember you for a long time. You have that certain something.

You are easily inspired, and your flame burns brightly. You know how to light up a room.

You are very confident, and your confidence shines through. You value personal growth.

Your mind is flexible and embraces change. You are open to the world, and that's part of what makes you unforgettable.

Well of course! I've never been least not without a severe blow to the head.

Most of this week has been taken up with the next door neighbours, they've started a garden know is a great place for Puff to get some digging in. This is perfectly normal wouldn't you say, dogs like digging! Even I figured that out two months into being in this century. You'd think though that he was dragging dead animals into their flat or something.

How do you get rid of pain in the arse neighbours without, you know...killing them. Becuase I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

Please advise!

Double Entendres!
Yes indeed!

Today's quiz result that is, please observe, how many of those delightfuly word plays can you find?

You Are a Magazine

You are flexible, laid back, and open to the world. You are a total novelty seeker, and you always appreciate new eye candy.

You are a natural daydreamer. If you had your way, you would live several lives at once.

You are very smart - but in more of a "street smart" than "book smart" sort of way.

Your mind just operates on a totally different plane. You are able to take in a lot more information than most people.

Well, OK there's probably three and they're all in the first sentence, but it's the thought that counts.

Plus, it mentions Eye Candy! Hee! I should go hunt up some Eye Candys, I know they're around.

But in the meantime, it's all about Alina and also cleaning the floor, it's too much even for Puff I'm afraid.

Speaking of whom, I should take him out before I have even more of a mess to clean up.


Aliiiina's back
And apparently her latest 'step' in life is feeding herself, or rather trying to feed herself. To be honest I haven't seen table manners as bad as that since the amorphous blob at the Agency got high and tried to eat 'humanoid style'. Food everywhere!

But hey, she's enjoying herself, so why not? The kitchen floor's made of slate anyway, and Puff seems to think this is the best thing ever!

Today's quiz was too hilarious to pass up!

Your Toilet Personality is Efficient

When you go to the bathroom, you're all business. You aren't fussy - you're just looking to get the job done.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to wait until you really have to go. No need for things to take any longer than they should.

In general, you are a very productive and task oriented person. You're all about getting things done.

You don't have a lot of patience for mindless tasks. You're just looking to get them over with quickly.

Ha ha...I like!

Although I'm not sure how productive and tast-orientated I am, it's more slapdash you know, but I like to get boring cfrap over and done with quickly, who doesn't!

Right, Puff's obviously eaten a lot because he's going at my boots now, so I best be off, plus sleep is needed!


Can't Talk..
Hunting Jacks!

Got two so far, whoo! Although some of them just aren't nice about it.

Maybe I can cheer them up! ;O)

Nothin' Like Talking to Yourself...
Awesome Button
I haven't found Jack yet, but I have managed to find me.

And before you get all finger waving, he hasn't mentioned who he's going to kill, it could be the Libyan president or something. We'd all like to see the back of him I bet.

In the meantime, today's quiz is surprisingly spot on!

You Are Outrageous

You are a very open person. You are both open to the world and open about who you are.

You've got your own funky flair going on, and you love it when people notice your style.

You like crowds, and you feed off the energy of others. You are definitely a city person.

You are creative and hardworking. You like to see immediate results for your effort.

For sure! Instant results...are instant party!

And I know I can put on a good one.


New Orleans....Niiice
This is my sort of town! I mean Carnival was fabulous! But as it turns out the place is just festive in general! I've never seen so many bars.

Or open minded types. Seriously, these are the sorts of people who must have spread themselves out when the human race finally got with long-range space travel. It would explain a lot if you ask me.

Today I had fun with maracas! I must get myself a couple of sets, it'll really add fun to my next party!

And today's quiz is potentially naughty, LOL!

Your Inner Fruit Flavor is Pineapple

You are the type of person who lights up a room, and it's not just because you're attractive.

Your ideal evening involves something social - you like to be out on the town.

You are energetic and playful. Whenever you get the chance, you like to play hooky.

You're very charming and outgoing. You are a total people person, and you get bored when you're alone.

Heh inner fruit flavour. I like...Not to mention it really suits me.

Pineapple, must get me some...

Like Any Good Bar I'm Always Open...
And the quiz today agrees with this assessment of my personality. Behold!

You Are a Window

You are a truly extroverted person. Your life feels empty without lots of people in it.

Being around others makes you feel joyful. Friends and family bring meaning to your life.

And even if you're all alone, you prefer to be people watching out in public.

You are a cheerful and eager participant in the world. You are full of delight and wonder.

Niiice. Go me.

Today Alina and I did something arty, which basically involved getting water colours, everywere. One of Puff's legs is now purple, I think it's a rather sexy look. It's not like it's permananet anyway.

I'm missing Jack (I'm man enough to admit it), so this week I'm gonna track him down, one of him...or many of hims, either way.

Or if I'm lucky a whole bunch of Jacks!



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