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Fun with Schu! *Wrist Strap Recording*
Oooo Tell Me More
John's has had the distinguished honour of been invited back to Schu's place for booze and some nibbles and a nice chat.

Or something like that...

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::Schu sets down a plate of pastries and donuts, then puts the kettle on for tea.:: Take your pick. Tea's coming.

I have to figure out where to start my complicated story. Depending on how far back I take you it could take hours, and that's ridiculous.

Ooo donuts! John digs in.

"Well, hey go ahead, I've got time," he grins at Schu. He loves hearing people's life stories. Because he's a big snoop...

I belong to a team called Schwarz. For a long time there was four of us, but two--Farfarello and Nagi--eventually split away. I started a love affair with a Farfarello in the Nexus that started out great but ended really badly as he lost all of his remaining marbles. He dumped me then set about making my life and the lives of the people closest to me hell.

In the meantime, my own reality's Farfarello had returned to my team. When Nexus Farfarello tried to kill me and my team, he only took out my reality's Farfarello. I did his funeral in yet another reality, which is where I got involved with the third Farfarello, the one currently giving me trouble.

Have you followed that so far?

John leans back. "Wow...that's...involved..." He scratches the ack of his neck.

"Sorry to hear that! Totally sucks when no matter which version you meet they insist on being arses. Although one Jack was pretty nice to me...let me have a threesome and everything! Good times."

But enough about him!

"How's this third Farfarello giving you trouble? Like is it the 'I'm gonna kill you sort'?"

But they each insist on being arses in somewhat different ways!

My funeral for Farfarello was quite public ::somewhat evil smile:: and that reality's Farfarello was very impressed by it. We had lust at first sight, and since he's ten years younger he has even more get up and go than I have. He's voracious and ferocious and lots of other words for animal enthusiasm. I've been visiting him on and off for about two years for sex and fun. It's my break from work.

The other day he told me he wants to be with me in my reality and work on my team. He doesn't follow orders... much, which my team leader would hate, he knows he can manipulate me, and I liked that I could choose when I could see him and let him overwhelm me.

I said no, and he didn't take no for an answer. I hightailed it out of his reality, but I can actually still "hear" him pinging our telepathic link now and then, which I hadn't even thought was possible across realities.

So. Yeah.

Ooo, slightly awkward that, because what Schu just said? Sounds a lot like something John would do. In fact what he'd tried to do with Jack once. Well without the two years of sexy fun times first.

"Hmm...difficult situation there..." he tilts his head, thoughtfully. "You think he's going to get over it any time soon? Maybe you need to find another Farfarello."

Farfarellos don't get over anything quickly. ::There's an understatement.:: And the telepathic link pinging is getting annoying.

I'm beginning to agree with my team leader that the last thing I need is another Farfarello.

John can't help giggling a bit. "Oh, I know how he feels...don't be too hard on the guy! It's your overwhelming sexy charm, you see."

He sighs thinking of Jack.

"But yeah, probably right..."

He eats another pastry, this is good stuff!

He's so damned sexy he wraps me around his finger more often than I like. He's into me but not above manipulating me, and I can't have people doing that to me. ::Trouble like this requires donuts. Schu bites into one filled with strawberry jam and mmmmms in appreciation.:: If this Farf and my Brad were put into a room together it would turn into an epic battle of wills within minutes, I'm sure.

"Ooo! You could through some jelly into the middle!" John giggles a bit more.

"But you've got a point I s'pose." John doesn't often get manipulated, if only because people are too wary of him to try!

"Brad? Should I know who he is?" Really John sucks at this.

I'm crazy dangerous, he's crazy dangerous, we're all professional killers....

My team leader, lover, and part-time roommate. He keeps trying to get me to get rid of this apartment and commit to living with him full-time, but I prefer to have options and a space that's totally mine.

John's going to help himself to a he's not obese is a mystery...51st century genes probably!

" should at least have a room of their own! When Jack and I were in the Time Loop we shared a hotel did we get into some spectacular fights over that!"

I have a room of my own at Brad's place; I always have had every time we've lived together. He knows we'd kill each other if we didn't. But it's like it's his apartment, and he lets me live there. My apartment is mine and lets him know he can't take me for granted, which is something he did at times in the past.

John tilts his head and taps his bottom lip with a finger. "Hmmm...maybe I should stay here if I ever talk a Jack into taking me back! You'd think one of them would, wouldn't you? There's only about twenty of them wandering around!"

I avoid mindreading the Jacks. There's just too much stuff in there. So I have no idea how he really ticks.

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