Do I Mean Fun, or Do I Mean Carnage?

I Get them Confused...

Hey! This is SRS Business
Hello all! I'm still alive! :OD

It's just been rather ridiculous lately with this 'Miracle' thing, honestly 21st people just can't control themselves. I've seen weirder shit than this in my life. They're talking about the entire globe going into recession and closing all the airports down!

I'm disappointed in you, 21st century, sincerely disappointed. How exactly am I supposed to continue my travels?

And then there's some sort of Category thing going on, because apparently for a 'Miracle' granting eternal life it's doing a completely shit job of it. But yes, apparently we're all supposed to get a visit from officials and be 'ranked'. I've decided not to hang around for that. And I'm rather relieved Alina's not here either, because I wouldn't want these 'officials' judging her, I mean, really, how rude.

So yes, I've been here looking for Jack, but I haven't had any luck at that at all, so I've decided to hide in the Nexus for a bit. Because in all honesty? Right now that place has far more to recommend it then here.


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