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May You Live In Interesting Times...
I heard that's apparently some sort of ancient Chinese curse or some such, I don't believe it for a minute, could there be anything more boring than living in uninteresting times? It's probably some sort of 21st century thing.

Anyway! I've moved north to California, ah, California where the action is so they say...I suppose it is for the 21st century-ian that can't go to the Lotus Nebula but it's not actually all that bad. I haven't seen so many diamonds in years! Good times...very tempting...

I wandered into the Nexus the other day! Been a while since I managed to get there...ran into that Clark chap, of Superman fame. He seemed to be having trouble with an evil twin, oh that Nexus. I think I gave him some good advice and a nice bottle of hypervodka!

And before I head off this fun quiz, providing possible aliases for con-men at a click of mouse!

Your Androgynous Name Is: Hunter Ivy

Guy or girl? Who knows? Who cares?

Don't know how androynous that is...but there you go.

And today was Alina's birthday! Two years old. We went to the park, there were balloons, those ducks stayed away. Good times, good times.


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