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They Call it Country Music...
Don't ask me why, but the entire place is dedicated to it! It's not a bad little town, goes by the name Nashville, I'm looking for a souvineer to bring home to Alina. I get the feeling it's going to be guitar related. The entire place is just full of the things.

And bars! Great bars! But the music is somewhat lacking, you synthesisers! How can you dance adequately with no synthesisers? Should be a crime.

Anywho! Today's quiz is brought to you by the phrase: 'Duuuuh!'

You Are Leather

You are the life of the party, and you love getting people together. You are always the center of attention.

You are an experience junkie. No matter what it is, you've either tried it or seriously considered it!

You are a rule breaker to the extreme. You get a thrill from pushing boundaries and breaking taboos.

You may be a wild child, but you're also very emotionally stable. You know what you want out of life.

Ha ha, that last bit made me laugh though...don't I wish! :OP I'm still wondering why Jack's wholly in love with this planet. I mean, it's fun, but it's not the funnest place in the whole universe if we're going to be honest about it.

I do like all the neon lights though. Niiice.

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I expect it has to do more with the people than the planet itself, sugar.


Long time, no see!

Didn't you have a baby? How much have I missed? Do you want something neon from Nashville?

They're a neat little town of people I must say.

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Yes I had a baby. Her name is Emilie and she's a little over six months old. Silly. You don't have to get me anything from Nashville.

...Oh. If you see Keith Urban, get his autograph for me?

Six months? Crap, time flies doesn't it! I'm going to have to pop on over with Alina for a visit! I have her this week so just name a time!

Sadly no autographs, but I have a neon sign for you! Don't worry it's tasteful!

Aww, thank you! Come over for lunch one day. I'll make you fried chicken!

Yes ma'am! :OD

(How about tomorrow?}

[John shows up at noon the next day.]

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